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2017 Mutual Aid Alberta Forum

Gold Sponsors

Posted \March 6, 2017

We are pleased to announce that the 2017 Mutual Aid Alberta Forum Gold Sponsors are H2Safety Services Inc. and Learned Response Group Inc.



H2Safety Services Inc.

Learned Response Group Inc.


Mutual Aid Alberta 2017 Forum - Silver Sponsor

Posted  February 28, 2017

We are pleased to announce our new Silver Sponsor Cam Lock North America

camlock north america


Mutual Aid Alberta 2017 Forum - Program

Posted February 28, 2017

Our 2017 forum is scheduled for March 9th, 2017 in Airdrie. We are pleased to announce that we have finalized our agenda and speakers. The forum program can be found here. There is still time to register so don't delay an longer.


Mutual Aid Alberta 2017 Forum - Early Bird pricing ends soon. Register today and save!

Posted January 31, 2017

Our 2017 forum is scheduled for March 9th, 2017 in Airdrie. We are also scheduling an additional learning opportunity for March 8th, 2017 at the same venue.  Early bird pricing is in effect until February 17, 2017.  For further details or to register click here.


Mutual Aid Alberta 2017 Forum - Registration is now OPEN

Posted January 12, 2017

Our 2017 forum is scheduled for March 9th, 2017 in Airdrie. We are also scheduling an additional learning opportunity for March 8th, 2017 at the same venue.  Early bird pricing is in effect until February 17, 2017.  For further details or to register click here.

MAA 2017 Forum Placeholder


Rail Safety Bulletin - May 2016

Posted May 16, 2016

When an industrial railway incident occurs, the Alberta Regulation 177/2002 Part 3 Section 35(1) specified what must be immediately reported to the Alberta Transportation Information and Coordination Centre (CIC).  Click here for more.


Location Based Public Alerting - Have Your Say In CRTC Consultation May 2016

Posted May 10, 2016

It's technology that exists today and is used in many countries, but surprisingly not in Canada. It's the Wireless Public Alerting Service (WPAS), and until May 30th, Canadians have an opportunity to support its implementation in a Canadian Radio-Television and Telecommunication Commission (CRTC) public consultation.

WPAS allows emergency response authorities to target phones in a specific geographic area facing an imminent threat. Alerts are sent without people having to register their devices.

Canada has fallen behind many nations in its progression and use of cellular technology as a tool to carry Public Alerts. This can be changed by submitting an intervention using the CRTC's online intervention Comment Form found at In the drop-down box, indicate your support for (or opposition to) Wireless Public Alerts. Comments and support letters can also be submitted online. Please click here for full article. You can view our submission here.

For further instructions on How to Submit to CRTC, please click here.



2016 Mutual Aid Alberta Forum

Posted March 10, 2016

Mutual aid groups from across Alberta converged in Nisku on March 3rd for the Mutual Aid Alberta Forum. “The current economic challenges make our partnerships more critical,” says Mutual Aid Alberta Chair, Shell Clarke. “When we know each other, and are able to leverage the resources and capabilities of one another, response to emergencies is better and recovery is faster.”

During his update on AEMA’s 2016 initiatives, Acting Managing Director, Shane Schreiber commended mutual aid groups on the work they do “before the bad thing happens”.

Additional presentations included the STARS Emergency Link Centre; Incident Investigation; Industry and Municipal Response Capabilities; and the Mutual Aid Merger of CMAC and SOMAG.  

“The presentations sparked some excellent dialogue throughout the day,” says Clarke. “By their very nature, mutual aid groups are innovative and creative, and evolve over time to meet future challenges. The forum connects these groups and encourages sharing experiences and expertise and that benefits us all.”

Special thanks to our sponsors, who helped make our 5th Annual Mutual Aid Alberta Forum possible:

Gold: Learned Response Group, H2Safety Services Inc.

In-Kind: Alberta Emergency Management Agency, Alberta Energy Regulator, NRCAER (Northeast Region Community Awareness Emergency Response)

Presentations from this year's forum can be found HERE.



2016 Mutual Aid Alberta Forum

Gold Sponsors

Posted January 22, 2016

We are pleased to announce that the 2016 Mutual Aid Alberta Forum Gold Sponsors are Learned Response Group Inc. and H2Safety Services Inc.

Learned Response Group Inc. 


H2Safety Services Inc.



MAA 2016 Forum Registration Window is now open

Posted January 22, 2016

Mutual Aid Alberta is pleased to announce that the registration window for the 2016 Annual Forum to be held in Nisku on March 3rd is now accepting registrations.  Click HERE to register.  Early Bird pricing of $100 is in place until February 18th so don't delay. As an added bonus, paid participants may register for a FREE ICS Canada Certified ICS 200 course preceding the Forum.  The class size is limited, so don't delay your registration.  An Informative One day forum plus ICS 200 course for just $100 is an unbeatable offer! (Accommodations not included)


Mutual Aid Alberta Announces its Survey Winner

Posted January 22, 2016

Mutual Aid Alberta values the opinions of those who participated in its pre-annual forum survey.  We received a number of responses from the attendees and gained valuable feedback to help us move forward successfully. As a thank you to those who completed the survey, we entered their names into a draw for a $50 Indigo Gift Card.  The winner was Wyatt Arcand with the Alexander First Nation. Congratulations Wyatt!


Mutual Aid Alberta 2016 Forum

Posted October 11, 2015

MAA 2016 Forum Placeholder

Save the date!


2015 Mutual Aid Alberta Forum Shares Range of Insights, Expertise

Posted March 5, 2015

Mutual Aid Alberta’s fourth annual forum in Nisku brought together emergency response professionals from across the province for a day of learning and connecting. “The major message of the day is that mutual aid is necessary to effectively manage the types of emergencies that are occuring,” says Mutual Aid Alberta Chair, Shell Clarke.  “These groups have been operating quietly for decades, creating strong relationships and doing excellent work, and are now being recognized as the valuable resource they are.”

Shane Schreiber, Acting Managing Director of the AEMA delivered the opening keynote “Road to Resilience”, where he advocated for shifting resources to initiatives that reduce the impact of emergencies (preparedness and prevention), vs. the traditional, and more expensive, response and recovery when catastrophic events occur.  “Every dollar spent in prevention can potentially save up to eight dollars in response and recovery. With many of these emergencies, you’re dealing in millions and billions. Given the current risks and hazards, we have a choice: continue on the path of unsustainability, or change our approach.”  He also noted that mutual aid groups have a significant role and serve as a model that the AEMA and Minister McQueen wholly support.  

A panel consisting of three established mutual aid groups in north, south and central Alberta described their organizations. GPREP (municipal), SPOG (industry)and NRCAER (industry/municipal) shared current initiatives, rounded out by the AER discussing their role in, and support for, mutual aid throughout the province.

Emergency management and response sessions focused on rail, wildfire, river spill and security. The last session of the day highlighted the first edition of CSA Z246.2, and the process used in developing it. “For each forum, we have two major objectives,” says Clarke. “First is to strengthen our mutual aid network in Alberta, and secondly, to enhance knowledge with relevant presentations. I think everyone was able to take away value from the day.”

Special thanks to our sponsors, who helped make the day possible:

Gold: Learned Response Group, H2Safety Services Inc.

Silver: Boutin Consulting

In Kind: Alberta Energy Regulator, Alberta Emergency Management Agency, Northeast Region Community Awareness Emergency Response, Surge Energy, Learned Response Group



2014 Forum Highlights Importance of Mutual Aid in Recent Alberta Emergencies

Posted March 5, 2014

Emergency response professionals from industry, municipalities and regulatory agencies converged in Sherwood Park for the 3rd Annual Mutual Aid Forum on Tuesday, March 4th.

“The day is intended to bring together mutual aid emergency response groups to network with one another and also learn from the experiences of others," says Shell Clark, Chair of Mutual Aid Alberta. “We had groups from northern, central and southern Alberta attend the Forum, showing that mutual aid is prevalent across the province and groups want to be connected."

Topics for the day included:

An update on 2013 activities of the Mutual Aid Alberta committee was also delivered, including its annual Think Tank in October, a mutual aid resource directory initiative, and presentations and dialog sessions held with stakeholders. “While it’s been a slow burn, there has been progress with our small, mighty and passionate core group," said Brenda Gheran, Mutual Aid Alberta committee member and NR CAER executive director. “We recognize that mutual aid participation is an ‘add on’ to most people’s job, but in a large-scale incident, the reality is that it will be all hands on deck. When those hands are able to shake in advance, response is more effective."

Click HERE for photos from the forum.


Mutual Aid Alberta has a new logo.

Posted May 7, 2013

MAA Logo



2013 Mutual Aid Forum A Success

Posted March 22, 2013

The second Mutual Aid Forum received top marks from those who attended the one day event held March 7th in Sherwood Park. Updates from AEMA on the status of recommendations resulting from the Wabamun incident and the ICS Train the Trainer initiative; City of Calgary use of digital media awareness to support emergency management; and discussion of emergency notification and resident data collection were among the topics emergency managers from industry, municipalities and provincial agencies explored at the forum hosted by Mutual Aid Alberta .

“Our goals for the Forum are to bring mutual aid groups together for a day of relationship and network building while providing them information and resources to continuously improve emergency response capability throughout the province,” says Shell Clarke, Mutual Aid Alberta Committee Chair. “When the committee was struck in 2011, one of the key focus areas was to connect mutual aid groups to identify and address common issues, as well as share best practices. There is a great deal of expertise and a wealth of experience that can be transferred between groups – Mutual Aid Alberta acts a central hub to help facilitate that exchange.”


Click here to view this year's presentation's

Mutual Aid Forum strengthens network across the province

Posted February 10, 2013

Throughout Alberta, there are highly valuable mutual aid partnerships that take a comprehensive approach to emergency preparedness and response planning to manage risks in their area. In March, over 100 emergency management professionals representing municipalities, industry, government and regulatory agencies attended Synergy Alberta's Together We Succeed mutual aid forum in Strathcona County.

"By bringing mutual aid groups across the province together, we can leverage individual successes to benefit all groups whether they are just developing or are well established," said Shell Clarke, Chair of the Mutual Aid Advisory Committee. "In the emergency preparedness world, sharing best practices in advance can mean all the difference between a response that is swift and effective and one that isn't. Training, planning and working together before an emergency happens, results in better prepared and more resilient communities."

A highlight during the day of general and breakout sessions was the keynote address from Karina Pillay-Kinnee, Mayor of the Town of Slave Lake, whose community drew on mutual aid resources around the province during the devastating wildfires of May 2011. The forum was sponsored by the Alberta Emergency Management Agency and the Energy Resources Conservation Board.